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Narendra Modi proves that North East Indians are not Indian to Chinese President Xi. How ?

How did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi say that North East Indians were not Indian to Chinese President Xi Jinping ? How did Narendra Modi boost up the morale of secessionist elements of North East India to break away from India ? How did Narendra Modi give political independence to North East India from India ? How did Narendra Modi prove that he remained only as the Prime Minister of India without the mongoloid featured North East India ?

While North Eastern Indians ( because they look like chinese according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi) staff in the hotel were told to remain away from the venue ( the hotel) where Chinese President Xi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in Gujarat ( as reported in ‘Ahmedabad Mirror’ yesterday and ‘TNT (The North East Today) magazine or please do google search), I find without an iota of doubt that Chinese President Xi Jinping looks like a Mizo political leader from Aizawl and his wife Peng Liyuan looks like a Naga folk singer from Kohima. I might also look like Xi’s son in the eyes of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even a Minister from Arunachal Pradesh has been sent out of the town during the Chinese President Xi’s visit.

If you are an Indian, then ask the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to not keep quiet and instead explain why the North East Indian staff members were told to be away from the hotel where he met the Chinese President Xi.
If you being an Indian and do not wish to see North East India being separated from India by Narendra Modi, will you remain in mute to witness the destruction of India by BJP Prime Minister or speak up against the agenda of BJP Narendra Modi to destroy India by removing North East India from India ?

Why should not you, being an Indian, raise your voice to unite India if you salute Tiranga ?
Why is Indian national media in New Delhi and Mumbai silent about such sensitive news that could cause a threat to national security of India ?

Where is Arnab Goswami who shouts as the loudest Indian ever, now ?
Where is Barkha Dutt who considers herself to be a strong patriotic Indian ?
Where are those media houses like CNN-IBN, NDTV, Times Now ?
Will they be satisfied if such news get reported on Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC ?

Equally, I am pained that the entire political parties of India are also keeping quiet by not raising such a serious issue as a direct question to Narendra Modi.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence towards such serious news against the North East Indians, itself is a threat to national security of India. Modi must open his big mouth now. If Modi does not or if he can not open his mouth, then, his deliberate silence will be a testimony of BJP to treat North East India as not an integral part of India and the mongoloid featured North East Indians as not Indian. 
If Modi does not explain to the nation on why North East Indian staff were barred from Chinese President Xi’s eye view, then, Modi himself proves to not only India but also to the whole world that he silently supports the disintegration of India by freeing North East India from Union of India, thereby, he becomes a threat to the unity of India.

What would the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, if he were alive today, think of this Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ?
I, being an Indian with mongoloid feature from North East India, am more patriotic and Indian than the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi who does not consider North East Indians as Indian in front of Chinese President Xi.
Jai Bharat,
Jai Hind
BUPENDA-MEITEIBupenda Meitei is a scholar and a poet . He graduated from the prestigious St Stephen’s college ,new delhi.His views on this blog are personal and not nescessarily that of the Website or the TNT-The Northeast Today Magazine