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The Day Mizoram Was Bombed

March 4, of every year is a day of bombing, killing, fighting for the Mizo people.
It was on March 4, 1966 when the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the bombing of Aizawl. India is the only country in the world known to bomb her own country. Indira Gandhi did not seem to mind the existence of Mizo people. Morarji Desai too was known to say, ‘let the Mizo people be transferred to the desert of Rajasthan.’ Mizo people know who were the pilots who dropped the bomb as they continue to be power in Indian politics, no one dare not to challenge and even mention their names. The main source available is Hindustan Standard March 9, 1966.
There are different readings about the bombing of Aizawl. The first reading was from the perspective of the underground movement - a protest of unattended the famine known as Mautam that killed thousands of the Mizos where the attention from the central govt was almost nil, protest was known to the only language at that time to get the attention of the govt. The second reading was from the perspective of government -bombing was to safeguard security from underground movement. The third reading was from the perspective of the Mizo people was a Liberation movement. The fourth reading was from the neutral voice of lay people who were only the victims search for a space of peace and reconciliation by providing the needed food and medicines in times of famine (need). Once you feel neglected, unattended your most urgent, burning need, it turns out to get ANGER, when anger is not the only solution either. (Prof Rini Ralte)
The March 1966 Mizo National Front uprising was a revolt against the Government of India, aimed at establishing a sovereign state for the Mizos. On 1 March 1966, the Mizo National Front (MNF) made a declaration of independence, after launching coordinated attacks on the Government offices and security forces post in different parts of the Mizo district in Assam. The Government suppressed the uprising and recaptured all the places seized by the MNF by 25 March 1966. Counter-insurgency operations continued over the next few years, although the intensity of the rebellion diminished over time progressively till its complete resolution in the 1986 peace talks. During the Government operations to suppress the rebellion, the Indian Air Force carried out airstrikes in Aizawl; this remains the only instance of India carrying out an airstrike in its own civilian territory