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Zomi Students Association donate to Victims Camps in Tedim, Chin State

Zomi Students Association - Universities Myanmar donate foods, household medicines and utilities to Victims Camps in Tedim
August 9, 2015
Due to the heavy rain and massive landslides in the villages, such as Kah Ngen and Vong Mual villagers in Tedim township are moved to the disaster victims camps, (1) and (2) opened in Tedim, Chin state. And there the Zomi Students Association -Myanmar has donated foods, household medicines and utilities.

The camps are opened in Sakollam Baptist Church, Camp 1 and Sakollam Roman Catholic Church Camp 2. There are about 250 villagers in the camps.

ဇုိမီးေက်ာင္းသားမ်ားအသင္း- ျမန္မာျပည္ မွ တီးတိန္ျမဳိ႕ရွိ သဘာဝေဘးသင့္ ျပည္သူမ်ား ကယ္ဆယ္ေရး စခန္းမ်ား သုိ႔ေပးအပ္လွဴဒါန္း
ၾသဂုတ္ ၉၊ ၂၀၁၅
အဆက္မျပတ္ မိုး႐ြာသြန္းျခင္းေၾကာင့္ ႐ြာလုံးကြၽတ္ ေျမျပဳိသည့္ ေဘးန႔ဲ ေတြ႕ၾကဳံေနေသာ ကဂင္ေက်း႐ြာ န႔ဲ ဝုန္ေမြာလ္ ေက်း႐ြာ ျပည္သူမ်ား အတြက္ဖြင့္လွစ္ထားေသာ တီးတိန္ၿမိဳ႕ရွိ သဘာဝေဘးသင့္ ျပညာသူမ်ား ကယ္ဆယ္ေရး စခန္း (၁) နွင့္ (၂)သုိ႔ ဇုိမီးေက်ာင္းသားမ်ားအသင္း- ျမန္မာျပည္ မွ အစားအေသာက၊္ အေျခခံလိုအပ္ေသာေဆးဝါးမ်ားနွင့္ အသုံးအေဆာင္ပစြည္းမ်ား ေပးအပ္လွဴဒါန္း ေၾကာင္း သိရသည္။
အဆုိပါ ကယ္ဆယ္ေရး စခန္း (၁) နွင့္ (၂) တြင္ သဘာဝေဘးေရွာင္ ျပည္သူ ေပါင္း ၂၅၀ ေက်ာ္ရွိေၾကာင္း သိရသည္။

Myanmar: Food transporters to Kahgen victims have arrived back

Myanmar: Food transporters to Kahgen victims have arrived back today

Tedim, Chin State: Food Transporters to Kahngen victims have arrived back safely to Tedim town today. In this adventuring food transportation trip, the President and Vice President of ZYA (Zomi Youth Association) could led the team. More than 20 went there.

Based on their findings, there is an urgent need of drinking water, paving emergency motorbike lane between Haupi and Kahgen village to send food to them.
The main heartbreaking situation of the victims is that they have food for only one week more. The major problem to transport food to there is that it takes two days in order to reach the victims since there is no proper motorbike lane.
This is only one situation of a village in Tedim Township, Chin State. There are many other villages who face the same problem of shortage of food, drinking water, loss of house and property.

To date, according to ZYA, there are about 1139 victims altogether in Tedim Township who are crying for food and drinking water urgently.
# Sharing this news is greatly appreciated #

Chin Progressive Party -CPP

Chin Progressive Party was formed on March 24, 2010 and won 12 seats in 2010 election in the Union of the Republic of Myanmar.

CPP which won 12 seats is the 6th largest Party which won the 2010 election. 37 parties entered the election and only 21 parties won and 16 parties lost. CPP won 2 seats in the Pithuh Hlutdaw, 4 in the Amyotha Hlutdaw, 5 in the Chin State Hlutdaw and 1 in Sagaing Region Hlutdaw. The president of the party is Pu No Than Kap who is also the Minister of Chin Affairs in Sagaing Region. The Minister of Forest and Mining in the Chin State government is U Kyaw Nging from CPP.

Mission: To promote Democracy and to fight for the right to have self-determination in Chin State.

Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) to Attend UN Conference (ECOSOC)

The Zomi Youth Association (ZYA), a philanthropic organization of the Zomi based in Kalemyo, locally known as Kawlpi, will attend the 48th Session of the Commission on Population and Development between 7-13 April 2015 at New York it is announced.

Pa Ngul Do Tuang, Vice President and Pa Kam Suan Mung, General Secretary of ZYO HQ is said to attend the UN ECOSOC conference. This opportunity for the ZYA has been organized by the Zomi Innkuan USA, a consultative member of the ECOSOC.

The ZYA’s participation is part of the Zomi Innkuan USA’s effort as indigenous peoples/NGO to take part in the larger dialogue and of being recognized as one of the indigenous peoples of the world.

Zomi Human Righs Foundation sends SoS to Home Minister, India

ZHRF sends SoS to Home Minister

LAMKA, Mar 20: Zomi Human Rights Foundation (ZHRF) has sent a representation to the Union Home Minister seeking his intervention to station all the Sub-Divisional Officers at their respective sub-divisions and cater to the needs of the interior citizenry and bring administration to their respective doorsteps, our correspondent reports.
In the representation, the rights body alleged that civil administration in four sub-divisions of the district has been non-functional since the late 90s. ‘There is no civil administration at these sub-divisional headquarters. The offices of the Sub-Divisional Officer and Magistrate are not functional. To obtain a tribe certificate or a domicile, for instance, one has to come down to the district headquarters where the offices of all the Sub-Divisional Magistrate/Officer are functioning at a camp,’ it read.
To substantiate their claim the foundation attached photos of four camp offices - camp office of Tipaimukh at Apollo Veng, Central Lamka, the camp office of SDO/BDO Henglep located at Hmar Veng, the camp office of Thanlon at Zion Street, Central Lamka, the camp office of SDO Singngat at GCK Veng, New Lamka and the BDO camp office of Samulamlan at Sielmat - that are located within the town alongside a BDO office.
A copy of the representation was also reportedly dispatched to the State Chief Minister Okram Ibobi.
The representation asserted that the non-functionality of these offices have caused immense hardship to the villagers as they are required to travel to the district headquarters at Churachand-pur to receive any benefit from the Government schemes.
Adding to the woes are the pathetic road condition in the interior areas.
‘Besides, the citizens and villagers at the village within the sub-divisions cannot feel the touch of administration as administrations are not delivered at the doorsteps of the villagers’.
The message, while calling for immediate intervention from Home Minister also stated that bringing administration at the doorsteps of every citizen is a duty reposed on the Government by the Constitution.

Zomi Representatives at UN Women Conference CSW59/Beijing+20 (2015)

For the first time in the history of the Zomi, seven women are taking part in the on-going fifty-ninth session of the Commission on the Status of Women takinmg place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 20 March 2015. Representatives of Member States , UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world attend the session.

The seven Zomi women representatives were from the ZIUSA, a Zomi organisation based in USA. They are expected to highlight some of the issues and problems facing the Zomi in Myanmar like the presence of Chin National Front and Manipuri extremists and also the atrocities committed by the Myanmar army in Zomi inhabited areas of Chin State.

The representatives are Siama Ningpi Gualnam, Siama Ciin Vung, Dr. Dim San Nuam, Siama Man Cing Siama Don Ngaih Lian and Siama Ngai Zen Cing.

The main focus of the session is on the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, including current challenges that affect its implementation and the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Commission undertakes a review of progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, 20 years after its adoption at the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995. The review (Beijing+20) also includes the outcomes of the 23rd special session of the General Assembly, the first five-year assessment conducted after the adoption of the Platform for Action, which highlighted further actions and initiatives.

The session also addresses opportunities for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women in the post-2015 development agenda.

UNA members to contest 2015 elections

The United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) member parties will contest the upcoming 2015 general election, according to UNA member parties.
UNA member parties will participate in the 2015 general election with the objective of amending the 2008 constitution, according to Nai Kyaw Win, Mon National Party (MNP) Central Executive Committee member.
“Because [the] UNA does not like the 2008 constitution, and does not trust it, the UNA has not contested in elections. But now, although we do not like it and do not trust it, once we are Hluttaw (parliament), we will amend it. We compete in this election with the objective of being able to amend the constitution,” said Nai Kyaw Win.
The UNA was founded by eight ethnic political parties which contested the 1990 elections; the group boycotted the 2008 constitution and refused to participate in the 2010 general elections.
At the association’s conference, the UNA and its alliance organizations urged [for] all political parties to participate in the 2015 general elections, in accordance with the democratic system of free, fair, and transparent elections.
According to Sai Nyunt Lwin, general secretary of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), the UNA and other organizations are calling upon all political parties to contest the upcoming election because there is the possibility that the government may not hold the elections.
“It is necessary to hold the elections, according to the constitution; this cannot be avoided. But, it is possible that they [the government] will give other reasons. Generally, in some countries across the world, if the current government cannot win, it just draws back to the past. If they [the government] wins, they will step forward… there is the possibility that the government will just continue to run without holding elections,” said Sai Nyunt Lwin.
The UNA held its 2nd conference from February 17-19th, at the Royal Rose [Restaurant] Hall in Rangoon. More than 33 organizations attended the conference, including UNA member parties, ethnic armed resistance groups, and civil society organizations. The attended representatives discussed topics surrounding politics, ceasefire, Laukkai armed conflict, the national education law, and worker and farmer issues.
The UNA is comprised of political parties that were formed before the 1990 elections, including the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, the Kayah National Party, the Zomi Democracy League Party, the Mon National Party, the Shan State Kokand Democratic Party, the Rakhine National Party, the Kachin National Democracy Congress Party, and the Karen National Party.

Suu Kyi, Ethnic Alliance Agree to Push 3-Point Agenda

RANGOON — An umbrella group of ethnic political parties known as the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) met with Aung San Su Kyi on Sunday and agreed to work with the opposition leader to push a three-point agenda for Burma’s political future.
The two sides agreed that amending the 2008 Constitution, ensuring free and fair elections later this year and the convening of “genuine” political dialogue among Burma’s political stakeholders should be centerpieces of a reform program that began in 2011 but, critics including Suu Kyi say, has stalled of late.
The discussion was held on Sunday at the Naypyidaw residence of Suu Kyi, who serves as chairwoman of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party.
Gin Kan Lian, secretary of the Zomi Congress for Democracy Party (ZCD), attended the meeting and said the joint three-point position would be formally announced within weeks.
“We didn’t discuss in detail and we agreed to discuss these three matters in the future. Both of us will discuss with our respective groups and will issue a joint agreement.”
Suu Kyi and UNA representatives last met to discuss constitutional reform in September 2013, and this weekend’s meeting comes less than a week after President Thein Sein convened a 48-party dialogue that was criticized by some as ineffectual window-dressing.
Gin Kan Lian called the 48-party meeting “chatter dialogue,” with participants only afforded three to five minutes to state their positions and attendees failing to engage in substantive discussion or reach significant agreement.
He did not take a position on whether the UNA would back the six-party talks that Suu Kyi has endorsed, saying only that the alliance supported “genuine political dialogue.”
The UNA has separately called for a tripartite dialogue that would include the Burmese government, ethnic armed groups and political parties, and the NLD.
Thus far, however, Thein Sein has ignored those calls, as well as endorsements by Suu Kyi and Parliament for six-party talks.
The president’s convening of the 48-party talks earlier this month was preceded by a 14-party dialogue in November that was also criticized as a largely substanceless affair.
Sai Nyunt Lwin of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy told The Irrawaddy: “We will discuss these three agreements with our partner groups and will return to meet NLD soon.”
Dr. Min Soe Linn, from the Mon Democracy Party, told The Irrawaddy that in February the UNA would hold a meeting that would be more inclusive than a gathering it held in December, which saw only 22 groups attend out of an invitation list of 33 organizations with close ties to the UNA.
The UNA says the same 33 organizations will be invited to the February meeting, at which the proposed three-point agenda will be discussed.
“We wanted to find common ground among political parties in order to have future political dialogue. We wanted to get out from the current impasse. We will cooperate with the public on our movement. The government has to pay attention to our movement if the public supports us.”
The UNA is an umbrella group of eight ethnic political parties that was formed following the 1990 elections, when the ruling junta refused to cede power following a landslide NLD victory. Originally it was comprised of 12 different political parties. Irrawaddy
UNA members refused to participate in the 2010 national elections on the grounds that they opposed the military-drafted 2008 Constitution. Some UNA leaders have indicated, however, that they intend to participate in national elections slated for late this year.

Grateful statement to EU and Nippon Foundation FSO projects

A Brief Grateful Statement

S/no - ZDF/50/2015

             A brief grateful statement on account of meetings with the International Sectors of Humanitarian Concerns Agencies such as the Nippon Foundation, the (EU) ECHO of Myanmar, and the Food and Security Operational Projects during the 8th to 19thJanuary 2015 in Yangon.


  The inhabited area of northern Chin State, Myanmar called Zomi area has been isolated and ignored for many years and the realistic environment was never unearth to the outsiders. However, from the 8th to 19thJanuary 2015 the local based organization called Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) leader Pu Paul Pau and two other Central Committee members had meetings with Dr. Desmond Molloy the Programme Director of the Nippon Foundation and his colleague Programme Director and Project Manager. Then the Head of (EU) ECHO Myanmar- Sir, Nicolas LOUIS, Directorate- General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection and his colleague the Programme Manager, Peace Support, Deputy Head of Cooperation and Political Officer. ZDF also met with Mr. Samir Maleh- Country Director, ACF and Mr. Guillaume Foliot- Deputy Country Director- World Food Pragramme.

                Such kind of a meeting is in living memory for the first time submitting the realistic environment in the Zomi history. On behalf of all the Zomi people, ZDF submitted the pestilent natural disaster of plague in Zomi areas. ZDF submitted the future vision and plan of ZDF for holistic development of the rural and isolated communities. ZDF also proposed to the International Sectors of Humanitarian Concerns Agencies working together to eradicate poverty and inhumane condition of the Zomi people. And establish sustainable life; develop personal dignities and human rights. This kind of a friendly close conversation is the first time based on the local Zomi representative. As a result it is the milestone of the Zomi history. We are so grateful to the important persons who we met to, for their attention and positive response. So, in line with the meetings will be positively resulted all in good time in the near future.

                  All in all, as the New Year 2015 begins the new chapter of Zomi history will be started. Because, the realistic environment of the Zomi has been submitted to the International Sectors for Humanitarian Concerns such as the Nippon Foundation, the (EU) ECHO of Myanmar, and their related organizations. This is the paramount important milestone in the Zomi history. In line with the positive response of the meetings will be materialized soon in all good time in the near future. Therefore, it is the endless strong expectation and warmly welcoming statement of ZDF on behalf all the Zomi people, that ZDF and the International Humanitarian Concerns- Organizations will be working together cooperatively for the development of the isolated Zomi people continuously from now and then.

21st January 2015

Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF)

Central Office, No. B/ 59 Lawibual Ward, Tedim Town, N. Chin State, Myanmar

Ph: +95(0) 947072124, +95(0)932387154


CNF/A Activities Record -2006

Recognization: CNF/A and her groups are recognized as Terrorist and who helping her or coopperartivivly working with her wholehearrtedly support to the terrorist in Chin State in Myanmar" by the native people.

"CNF/A collect money for to buy arms to killed hr own blooded people and The Military collect money for to build roads and bridges"
 "The history of Dally (7) why and how she was killed that at that night about 9pm she was coming along with the Chin leaders and took the taxi. Where they will go we do know, however. We always watching the Imbi area, because who are from Burma (Chin or CRC) people are living here raise many crimes especially every Sunday evening because of most people are drunk. 

Through the rumor of from Burmese (Chin) that Dally(7) was killed by her father' friends. Therefore we are not longer responsible for. May they could solve themselves that problem" said Federal CID Director D.C. Wan. In connection with the dead of Dally (7) is responsible to CNF leaders and her groups (Dr. Sui Khar, Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, Zing Cung and the most closed connection persons are Phelemon Sang Lian Ceu and Salai Za Uk Ling Editor of Chin Guardian News, Konumthung News and Rhododendron News who also working as coordinator of Suaram in Malaysia)

CRC leaders are appointed by CNF and CHRO with agreement of CHINFORUM, CHINGURADIAN and KHONUMTHUM NEWS GROUPD etc. e.g.: In Malaysia the first co-coordinator was Salai Simon Sang Kual, the successor is Plilemon Sang Lian Ceu (see. Chin Sianghleirun Sianghngakchia page 24 Bu 1 CSO A. Voi 239 1 17th  September 2006: 

Therefore all the activities in Malaysia and India are responsible fro CNF/A. CRC leaders in Malaysia claimed that "Only the registration card from CRC can be get birth certificate for newly born baby (see: page 25 the same issue as above given). Only CRC has right to bring refugee to UNHCR office without CRC no one could not approach to.  Even they claim that CNF/A with her piece of mouths (CHRO with agreement of Chinforum, Chinguardian, Khonumthum news groups etc.) the representative of the whole Chin State is absolutely wrong. Actually they are representative of Haka not for other else. 

Therefore among Haka tribe they are clans such as: Zotung, Senthang, Lai and Zophei  having interpreters each of clans.  Thawng Hi (Senthang), Mang Za Ling (Zotung), David Lian (Senthang), Isbella Khuang Pay , Biak Cin Thang (Senthang),  Clifford Ngun Chan (Senthang), Richard Tawk Ceu (Senthang), Lung Ceu Sarum (Zophei), Steven Ro Lian San (Zotung), Dawt Tin Par (Zophei), Elina Ngun Tin Par (Lai) only they know "LAI" is not common in Chin State, the official language is Burmese another one the most using language is from the northernpart of Chin State namely "ZOPAU".

In Chin State the population record of tribes is as follows:
1.   Tedim      133450  (95% Christian)
2.   Falam        45832   (92% Christian)
3.   Haka      99641  (89% Christian)
4.   Kanpalet    18454  (23% Christian)
5.   Paletwa      85893  (17% Christian)
6.   Matupi       44225  (24% Christian)
7.   Minadat     41701  (22% Christian) 

 This shows that the real population of Haka tribe and the CNF/A with her mouthpiece only stand for Haka tribe not for the whole. CNF/A still cheating outside people our country but inside still considered as "TERRORISTS@ ROBBERS@GANG" . "CNF/CNA would be the culpit…huge worldly organization like CHRO, CHINLAND-GUARDIAN, CHIN-FORUM, KHONUMTHUM MEDIA etc. who bolster-support the brutal-cum-barbaric and terrorist like insurgency. 

This kind of underground activities is not less than the worldwide crime makers like various Mafia-gangsters in differents zones of the continents"  said Rex Victor.
"At this turn of history, the CNF/A, composed of a handful of activists from Hakha and Thlantlang, is trying to get recognition from the SPDC and to work with the SPDC inside the So what's next?" said Hre Mang.
 "Chin-Mafia in Malaysia " said M. Rex Victor . Because of the oppressor upon the Chin people is not only the Military regime but also Chin National Front/Army too. Because of under the demand of two groups, many Chin people become as wanderers. It is noted that the demand of CNF/A is always bigger  than  the regime.  For this reason the Northern part people in Chin State separately uses ZOMI in term of CHIN. Such as: Zomi Natioanal Congress party, ZRO, ZRA, ZIK, ZAM etc. 

Let me see some both activities
1.  1Military killed 7 persons in the whole Chin State . The CNF/A killed 73 persons even their relatives ( In northern part CNF/A killed 23 persons)
2. Military never collect to individual but CNF/A collect 300 Kyats for a person in Falam and Tedim township
3.  When military wanted to visit and get in any villages give information but CNF/A never send information but they enter to the villages as the thief.
4.  The military to Haimual the average taxes amount reach around Ks. 200 lakhs to 250 lakhs a month. But the CNF/A collects for one person Ks. 1000 to 10000 and amount reach around Ks. 700 lakhs to 900 lakhs monthly.
5.      Let me see the news report by Khonumthung News 25 April 2007: Kalay to Haimual the average taxes amount reach around Ks. 200 lakhs to 250 lakhs a month. All the money is road to road construction. Self reliance system. Here. I want to added that: The CNF/A collects for one person Ks. 1000 to 10000 and amount reach around Ks. 700 lakhs to 900 lakhs. Which one bigger you can see. Khomumthum  News 12 February 2007:  The Mount of Lentlang is located in Falam Township but that  in Tedim township, (Many times the news over emphasis upon the CNF/A. CNF/A collect money for to kill her own blood people and Military collect money for to build roads and bridges.

News collected by Bawla
Lalrawng bawla 

Former CNF President, No Than Kap, Responded To CNF

Let the People Know (Response to "The People Want to Know")

From: John KKThang (alias) NTK
Ex-President of CNF
(N.B. Response can be seen at the end of each question or accusation. No 1- 4 have to do with others and so omitted)

Subject: The People Want to Know
By: One of CNF leaders (unnamed man/men)

1. XXX
4. XXX
5)     The people want to know the hidden dark histories of the CNF (from 1988-1992) rather than how the Chin people should "DECIDE" whether to terminate the CNF/A. What the people want to know about today is whether removal of Pu No Thang Kap was something to do with murdering Pu Zam Ai Singh and over 20 innocent Chin people brutally and cruelly. The Chin people also want to know "who signed the death sentence letter" for Pu Zam Ai Singh and "how it was written", "who has that death sentence letter".
Response: First of all, to reverse the question, who are the people that this writer refers to and what does he mean by hidden dark history of CNF (1988-1992)? There was nothing to hide and no one including the former President Pu NTK has no intention at all to hide any thing.
About Major Zam Ai Sing and his death, the hypocrites who shed crocodile tears for him should know that ZAS was one of the closest friends of Pu NTK. He joined CNF in 1989 because of Pu NTK. Their relationship is much deeper than any of the present CNF leaders who (most of them) didn't even know or see him in person. It was Pu NTK who conferred Major rank to ZAS. ZAS was not murdered. Rather he lost his life at the Indo-Burman border when he deserted CNA and took some of CNA cadres from Champhai CNA camp without the consent of the then Champhai camp commander Anthony, Defense Secretary Col. Tlung Luai, and C-in-C NTK. He said CNA was not having arms and doesn't want to be in it anymore. The main reason why CNA pursued him was because he took several young CNA cadres together with him from Champhai camp. When CNA who pursued them asked him to come back he refused and lost his life.  Neither Pu NTK nor any other higher authorities wrote any death sentence letter. As in almost all revolutionary groups, the deaths of CNA in the camp or jungle were not necessarily due to the direct order of the C-n-C of CNA. For instance, when one of the founding members of CNF Pu Roenga was killed by CNA at Bangladesh when he attempted to flee, the news of his death came to the knowledge of Pu NTK only after two weeks. Its not necessary to mention here who issued that order. Also when a CNA from Hmawngkawn, Falam fled the CNA GHQ, he was pursued by other CNA and killed him near Bungtlang. Pu NTK didn't order that killing. He came to learn about it months later.

  6)      The people want to know the way in which Pu No Thang Kap era CNF operated like a "Mafia Gang" in the all time greatest "The God Fathers Movie". The people want to know whether he knows the truth, or many not know the truth because he was just a "Private" soldier in CNA. The people want to know whether he knows or not knows how many people were kidnapped, robbed, raped, tortured, and so forth. The people want to know whether he knows what amount of money was deposited to "State Bank of India: and "The Apex Bank" in Champhai and who got all that money after No Thang Kap was expelled from the CNF in 1992?
Response: The answer to the first question can be found in response No. 5. But to add more, Pu NTK could not know all that CNA did in various places during his time, mainly because at that time there was no proper R/T and W/T equipments for communication to update him by his subordinates and also because that was the time CNF tried to make new contacts and alliances from all parts of the world, especially in surrounding areas and tried to internationalize its cause. He was so engaged in external affairs and kept on traveling out of the country that he could not know what was going on inside the party and the army. Only when he was updated by the Vice President and GS and Defense Secretary, he came to know certain important things that he should know and certain things already took place before he came to know about them. It was the duty of the GS to look after the party and Def. Secretary to look after the army during his absence. So how could he know how many people were kidnapped, robbed, raped, tortured, and so forth by CNA or its imposters. For instance, he didn't know when Pu Roger left Kachin area and where did he go inside the country (Pu Roger was sent together with Anthony to KIA area to look after the CNA there). He learnt about it only when KIO chairman Brangseng told him through the telephone that they have lost Pu Roger. Likewise, he came to know about the death of his nephew Duh Tin Kheng in Kachin area only after Pu Roger told him thru telephone. Who was responsible for the death or killing of Duh Tin Kheng? Who was in charge of the CNA in Kachin area at time? Can we say that the person in charge was responsible? Its up to the one who wrote this question to decide.
Pu NTK have no knowledge of CNF/CNA depositing money in State Bank and Apex Bank in Champhai. What he and other leaders know is the money deposited in Vijay Bank, Aizawl. Joint account was opened in that bank in the names of Pu Roenga (L) and Pu NiLiLian. Unfortunately Roenga died before all the money was drawn from that bank.

  7)      The people want to know that why Pu No Thang Kap ordered "Major (name withheld for security reasons) of CNA and Assam Rifle Troop" to ambush and kill all "Mr. (name withheld for security reasons) of CNA and Naga Friends". Major (?) and Mr. (?) were both CNF/A members. The people want to know why Pu No Thang Kap tried to kill his soldier by using his own soldiers?
Response: During Pu NTK's time, there was only one joint operation with Naga friends.  This operation was highly confidencial. The aim of that operation was to get arms from the Naga friends in return for escorting them in the border areas. The whole operation or military game was played so perfectly and successfully by Pu NTK that no Naga soldier, no CNA and no Indian soldier was killed in that operation. The Nagas led by Maj. Mark reached Nagaland safely and arms were delivered to CNA (after Pu NTK left CNF).  In final analysis, that operation was a success. If a revolutionary leader could not play such game he doesn't fit to be a leader of a young and emerging force like CNF/CNA. Pu NTK could play and now CNF is what it is because of him. It is enough to say that a nationalist revolutionary leader like him will never do things at the expense of his army or commanders.

  8)      The people want to know how many sincere, humble, business-oriented and family-caring Zomi Business men were kidnapped with "Gun Point", under Mr. No Thang Kap's orders and how much money No Thang Kap earned? The people want to know how those rich innocent business oriented Zomi people were accused with fabricated facts and who will be responsible for repayment of Millions of Rupees? The People want to know that were these matters one of the reasons No Thang Kap was expelled from CNF?
Response: One wonders why this question is asked? What is the motive behind asking such questions when every sensible person who knows Pu NTK knows very well that  a man like him would never issue any order that could hurt the interest of his own people. Also, Pu NTK was never expelled from CNF. That expulsion letter was drafted by the present leaders after he left the party of his own accord to vindicate their dirty action in attempting to kill and overthrow him.

  9)      The people also want to know how much amount of money Naga people (NSCN) had given to the CNF, in order for the CNF to help them to transport their military equipments from Bangladesh to Nagaland. Because, the people want to know that because of such dirty politics, there were many good peoples lives, houses, domestic stocks etc were lost and who will responsible for all those losses?
Response: If one says it was a dirty politics, then Pu NTK has nothing to add. But to him there is no dirty or clean politics. It depends on the one who interprets it. You may say that you are playing a clean politics for your people, but for others it can still be a very dirty politics. Pu NTK also believes that there is no permanent friend or foe in politics but permanent national interest. If you say that Pu NTK played a dirty politics because he made friendship with the Nagas when CNA was badly in need of arms and financial help and when there was no other reliable sources at that time to procure arms, then you have to say that almost all the leaders who build the nations of the world are players of dirty politics. About the money given by the Nagas, Pu Roger, Pu Anthony and Pu Sui Khar and others know it very well (sorry to mention their names). Also, how that money was spent was not a secret inside the cabinet. Pu NTK wants to tell you one thing, don't be too naïve and immature and inquisitive. Don't try to bring out things just for the sake of discrediting the people you are against (like Pu NTK).

  10)  The people want to know how much money CNF received from India Government (1988-1992) and how much money were actually spent for CNF and how much money goes to Pu No Thang Kap's pocket. The people also want to know why the CNF Finance Secretary was never audited by the CNF from 1988 to 1992.
Response: No money from the government of India which was meant for CNF goes to Pu NTK's pocket. If you really want to know how much money was handed over to the CNF, you may ask Brig. T. Sailo of Mizoram and his party leaders. All the money came thru him. You may (if you are a CNF official) ask them to give the balance which is still in their hands. About the Finance Secretary, if you were in CNF during 1988 to 1992, then why didn't you raise this same question at the cabinet meeting or ask Pu NTK? And is you were not in CNF at that time you can ask the ex-cabinet ministers like Pu Roger, Pu Sui Khar, etc.

  11)  The people want to know how Pu No Thang Kap reacted when General Secretary of CNF disagreed with him on party meeting in September 1992? The people want to know how many bullets Pu No Thang Kap shot to the air (actually top of the hut) in the early morning, created panic in the camp, by showing his Mafia style behavior to threaten all CNF leaders, sending a clear and short message "If you disagree with me, this is who I am?"
Response: My son, why do you belittle yourself by asking such childish questions. About shooting guns in the air, it might be that Pu NTK enjoyed shooting guns in the air early in the morning!!  Also, the gods there at that time might have warned him in his dream that there were traitors lurking around him. Or, he might have a bad dream!!

  12)  The people want to know why Pu No Thang Kap yelled to the Vice President, General Secretary, and Foreign Secretary on the same event, because No Thang Kap did not have a patience to bear the noise make by the soldiers while they practice military skills, in the early morning and ordered them to keep quiet whenever he is in the camp because he can not sleep well.
Response: You should have prayed for him to be patient and to sleep well.

  13)  The people want to know why Pu No Thang Kap screamed again to the Vice President, General Secretary, and Foreign Secretary after firing many rounds of his gun to the air saying that "What the hell is going on in this camp? Why you guys sing the Hymns in Hakha language? Why you guys worship in Hakha Language?" Because, the people want to know who has been igniting Hakha-Falam hatred since 1988.
Response: Pu NTK and even the spirits and gods there didn't know and hear him mentioning such foolish words. On the contrary, he is the one who accepted the Hakhas, etc., without any question even when other tribes and friends told him again and again in 1988-1991 that the Hakhas might create problem inside the army and party because they are generally extreme communalists.  Pu NTK should have listened to their good advices because very soon their warnings came too. So why don't you ask like this, "Why did Pu NTK appoint  Pu Sang Hlun  V.President, Pu Roger Foreign Secretary, Pu Sui Khar Intelligence Chief, etc, and conferred Pu Zing Cung Major, Pu That Ci Leutenant, etc?" You may also ask like this, "Why did Pu NTK always try to make peace between the GS (Matu) and the V.President (HK),  who were always at loggerheads and looked down at one another because they were from different tribes?" Finally, if you think Pu NTK is igniting Hakha-Falam hatred since 1988 its clear that you really don't know him.

  14)  The people want to know who is steering Falam Humhal Pawl from behind to take political opportunity in transition and accusing every problem to CNF. His fabricated accusations to CNF are 1) there are many people in jail because of CNF; 2) Many villages has been relocated because of CNF; 3) CNF collected Taxes from Falam Area with Gun Point; and 4) CNF was responsible for closing Rih-Falam road.
Response: Its not Falam Humhal Pawl but Falam Humhualtu Pawlpi (FHP). Here, you are sincerely advised to see the real problem inside Chinland and Falam area and the Falam people in particular and stop making a scapegoat to avoid the problem that is looming over all of us. Try to see and solve that problem without any prejudice.

  15)  The people know that truth according to information can be obtained from Association of Political Prisoners in Burma ; there is no one from Falam area in Jail because of CNF. The people know the truth that it has nothing to do with CNF. The fact is that the master brain of FHP knows that if there are 50,000 populations in certain areas, according to potential new constitution, there will be one constituency for MP so that he maneuvered some Falam people to migrate to Kalaymyo so that when next election is hold, he may become an MP from that constituency. The people know the fact that, massive migration from Falam Township to Kalaymoy area caused certain troubles among Mizos and Falams in last year. The people know fact that Zahau Tlang leaders often visited to CNF Chairman from time to time and working together to achieve the interests of the Chin people and CNF also provided certain humanitarian assistance under the Cross Border Assistance Program in the past years. The people know that fact that CNF has nothing to do with closing or less usage of Rih-Falam road because the travelers know the fact that Haimual Tiddim Road is better than Rih-Falam road in terms of saving Time, Resources, facilities, and others.
Response: Again, you are shooting the wrong bird and are refusing to see things as they are.

  16)  The people know that fact that a person who is navigating Falam Humhal Pawl was the person who created misunderstanding among the Chin people over which language to be used in Myanmar Broadcasting Service. After learning the fact that there are potential second Chin language to be used in MBS, he took that card and persuaded the K'cho to support him to against Hakha's influence. The people know that fact that he has accesses to high ranking SPDC officials in Yagoon, including Home Minister and certain other ministers.
Response: Its seems you are giving A+ to that unnamed man. Also, if the people know that fact, why did you write in the headline here that, "The People Want to Know." You are contradicting yourself. 
  17)  The people know that fact that a person who is navigating Falam Humhal Pawl conducted many closed-door meetings in USA and persuaded the people to provide him certain amount of dollars so that he can fight or counter the CNF. Again, the people know that fact that when he learnt that there are indications of Peace Talk between CNF and SPDC, he afraid that the talk will took place in Hakha and Hakha might become official capital city of Chinland and Lai language could also become a language to be used in MBS. So, he gears up all his dirty ideas to disrupt, agitate, mess-up with the whole Chin revolution. The truth is that, the Chin people know enough about how much he has caused to the unity of the Chin people. The truth is that CNF wants to restore the Chin National Interests and does not have interest on which city or language to be used for the capital of Chinland and in MBS.
Response: It seems that you are too occupied with what Pu NTK was and is doing, thereby missing the mark. Again  you are contradicting yourself/selves by saying that the People know that fact, etc.,
How Pu NTK wants you to be at the Church services where he preached about the importance of loving one another and having forgiving spirit!! About Talks with SPDC, Capital, etc., you better talk with other Falam leaders and find out what is in their mind.

 18. There are many more untold real stories about CNF and the people want to know the truth. This letter has nothing to do with CNF leaders or Members of Followers or Supporters but this is everything to do with the whole Chin people.
Response:  If there are many more untold real stories about CNF why don't you tell not only the Chin people but the world so that all can know what you are telling is the truth or half-truth or twisted facts or just suppositions. Or just another attempt to defame and discredit someone.
19. The main person who has been playing behind all these dirty yet nasty politic among the Chin people is the person who created Hakha-Falam hatred in 1992 to sidetrack his sins. Many victims will try to seek the justice. He will face all the crimes he has committed from 1988 to 1992. It is, therefore, the best way to stay away from the real criminal who speaks smoothly and foul nicely a lot of people in the name of "God, Religion, Christianity, Chin Nationalism" for his personal eternal benefits.
Response:  Its clear you are referring to Pu NTK. Pu NTK wants you to collect all data about what you said is criminal acts, such as killing, robbing etc during his time (ie, 1988-1992). He and his sympathizer and the Chin people will (some have started) to collect facts about the atrocities you have committed against the people since 1993. Pu NTK dares enough and is ready to face any judgment by any court, even international court of justice for his so-called wrong doings. As a true leader, even for the wrong doings of his subordinates when he was the head of CNF, he is ready to face the judgment of the court. And he trust that you too are brave enough to face the same fate for what you have committed against the innocent people. Let the time come when you and he face the consequences of what you have done.
NOTE: Pu NTK gives thanks to you for bringing out the above questions. It really enlightens his understanding of other Chin brothers. He advises you to be honest and brave enough to mention your full name and true identity when you write this kind of letter the next time because he thinks unnamed man looks like ghost and he is terribly scared of ghosts ever since he was shot at by misguided youths who were sent by (may be ghosts) to murder him.
Finally, since you seem to know much about past and present CNF history, why don't you tell Pu NTK the man/men who sent assassins to kill him at his house while he was with his newly wed loving wife Pi Sui Hlawn Thluai (a niece of Thomas Thangno, Chairman of CNF) and family, welcoming the same killers who shot at him two times at point blank. Note what Pu NTK uttered right after he recovered from his unconsciousness, "I forgive these youths who tried to kill me!" But you still call him a murderer, etc. Continue to call him as you wish. Time will tell who really is who.