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Over 600 Christians pray for Hakha cross protection

26 January 2015 - More than 600 people gathered on Calvary Mountain in Hakha yesterday, praying for a Christian cross to be allowed to remain on its current site.
Christians of different denominations from Hakha and Thantlang came together to the afternoon service following the order given by Chief Minister Hung Ngai to move the cross by 30 January 2015.
The letter said that the 54-ft high cross had to be removed from its location on the hilltop and that action would be taken if instructions were not followed.
Pu Tial Cem, a local in charge of Calvary Mountain, said: "People are deeply concerned about the issue and pray in earnest for the cross preservation. They clearly understand that it is a serious matter related to our religion - Christianity."
He said that Chin Christians living abroad also held special prayer services in their respective countries on the same day.
A group of women said that they would fast and pray on the mountain until 29 January.#

Peaceful protest against order to remove Hakha cross planned

23 January 2015 -- Christians in Hakha, Chin State plan to stage a peaceful demonstration against government's order to remove a Christian cross from its current location of Caarcaang Hill.
They will march along the main road in the capital on 29 and 30 January and call on the State government to cancel the order.
Salai Van Chan Ceu, one of the event organizers, told the Chinland Guardian: "We applied to the Hakha Township Police Force for permission to hold the rally today. We hope that it will be granted in time."
"We want to request the chief minister [Hung Ngai] to call off his instruction to take the Christian cross away from the hilltop," he added.
According to the official letter last Tuesday, Chief Minister Hung Ngai ordered Pu J.P Biak Tin Sang, owner of the cross and its location, to move it by 30 January 2015 and apply for permission to plant it on another site.
The letter also said that necessary action would be taken against him if instructions were not followed.
Ceu said: "It is not about an individual and his or her work. It is about the Christian monument shared by the people."
A meeting held on Thursday by representatives from churches, civil society groups including youth and women and political parties in Hakha agreed to make a concerted effort to make their voices heard.
The event leaders are waiting for an official response to their application.
On 4 November last year, Chief Minister Hung Ngai and other State ministers inaugurated a new 'Peace for the whole world' pagoda constructed on the hillside above Hakha.#

Govt order removal of Christian cross in Hakha

18 January 2015 - The government of Chin State has ordered a Chin Christian to remove before the end of this month a cross erected on a Caarcaang hilltop in Hakha.
The official letter issued by the township administration office said that Pu J.P Biak Tin Sang had to take the 54-foot tall cross from its current location by 30 January 2015.
Sang has been accused of planting the Christian cross without obtaining official permission from the authority.
Pu Tial Cem, 70, Sang's spokesperson and in charge of the Caarcaang prayer site, told the Chinland Guardian: "We have been dealing with this issue for four years and will not stop it. We will keep on facing whatever it takes until we get this safe for the people."
The letter also said that the chief minister of the State government rejected Sang's previous request for the cancellation of the official order to remove the cross.
It warned the Chin owner that action would be taken against him if he didn't follow the instructions.
Cem said: "Yes, they [the authority] can do what they want. But we will not remove the cross."
More than 500 Christians from Hakha and Thantlang fast and prayed on the hill for three days in October 2014 for the preservation of the site and peace.
In November last year, the Hakha Christian Minister's Fellowship wrote a letter to the chief minister, asking the government to provide technical assistance in obtaining official permission.
The concrete cross was planted on the top of Caarcaang Hill early last year.

Burmese Christians attend Asian Baptist Congress in Chiang Mai 03 May 2007

About two hundred Baptist Christians from military-ruled Burma (also called Myanmar) attend 7th Asian Baptist Congress on May 2-6, 2007 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Baptist Congress was officially opened yesterday evening at Lotus Hotel-Pang Suan Kaew in Chiang Mai with the welcoming address of Chiang Mai Vice-Governor Vilad Rujiwattanapong, according to congress daily paper.

The believers from Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) alone have attended more than 100 devotees under Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC), according to attendants from Myanmar.

In Burma, the ruling military junta has banned on construction of Churches and religious buildings, and the publication of Christian religious books are strictly censored by the junta’s Literature Censorship Board, said a pastor from Kachin State in northern Burma.

He also added that Rakhine (Arakan) State in western Burma is now becoming the most religious discrimination and serious torture or attack on Christians within the Buddhist-dominated communities in the State however the junta neglects the events.

MBC involves 13 language conventions (Kayin, Pwo Kayin, Kachin, Zomi, Tedim, Asho Chin, Lishu, Mon, Lahu, Myanmar, Naga, Wa, Akha), 5 Regional Conventions (Northern Shan, Shweli Shan, Southern Shan and Eastern Shan, Rakhine) and two churches, Immanuel Baptist Church and Judson Church and there are more than one million believers in Burma, according to MBC statistic.

Asian Baptist Congress (ABC) is made by Asian Baptist Federation (ABF) and the congress holds every five years in different countries in Asia.

The ABF is founded in 1973 at Hong Kong, now in China Mainland’s under control and today, it has 55 Baptist Conventions from 20 countries in Asia from Sri Lanka to South Korea, Nepal to New Zealand and India to Fiji.